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Commentary on America Ferrera on the cover of Glamour

Hot, but Not Hot Enough
By Francesca

Via Manolo’s Ayyyy blog, we learn that this is a photo of America Ferrera as she actually is, with her super smile, beautiful skin, curvalicious bod, and aura of sweetness and confidence.

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According to the cover of this month’s issue of Glamour, “Ugly Betty is HOT!” Francesca is not so sure about Ugly Betty, but America Ferrera is . . . well, if Francesca were male or homosexual, she would be having many a fantasy about slowly stripping that gray pinstriped dress off of Ferrera’s highly womanly body. Heck, perhaps Francesca will fantasize about it anyway. We’re open-minded here.

Now. Having told us that Ugly Betty is HOT!, the powers that be at Glamour decided that Ferrera was not hot enough to put on the cover without making some, ah, changes. And this was the result:

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Francesca will not go into the horrible quality of the photoshopping. Please go to Ayyyy and read the comments in which Manolo’s noble readers wonder aloud just how freakish are those arms, or whether it is physically possible for a woman to make her neck bend like that.

No, no, Francesca simply wants to know from the editors at Glamour: Is Ugly Betty only HOT! if she gets rid of all the fat from her arms, every bit, and reduces from a C cup to an A? Is it not possible that Ugly Betty, or at least the actress who plays her, is HOT! exactly the way she is?

Because, you know, America Ferrera as she actually is looks a lot like most of your readers. Your prettiest readers. But apparently she is not pretty enough. So what, exactly, are you trying to say, Glamour?

Don’t answer. We already know.

Dear readers! Does this make you ooze with righteous indignation? There are two things Francesca recommends you do.

One is to go here and write a letter to the editor of Glamour expressing your dismay that not even America Ferrera can meet Glamour’s standards.

And if you are truly pissed off, write to the companies which have advertised in the magazine and tell them they have made a mistake.

You no like-a a C-cup? We will hit you in the pocketbook! Big Girls are beautiful!

Source: Manolo for the Big Girl!

My comments: I was in the grocery store yesterday, and saw that cover and did a doubletake. She looked like a freakish bobblehead, and I kept wondering if the cover of that particular magazine was bent from others reading it because it looked so distorted.

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