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Jodie's got more to say

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Foster Offended by 'Sin City'
Jodie Foster has ripped into Robert Rodriguez's Sin City because she found the film offensive. While many critics raved about the director's adaptation of Frank Miller's comic book, Foster admits it's one of the most recent films she switched off after renting it on DVD. Foster rants, "That was so painfully cartoonish I was offended." And she admits that she doesn't enjoy watching films based around abduction and child molestation - as the mother of two young boys. She tells newspaper USA Today, "I don't know how you enjoy or laugh about a child abduction and molestation. What part of that sentence is funny? I can't get beyond that. I don't know if everyone understands the impact of that movie's message."

OK, she's a good actress & a smart person, but it was BASED on a graphic novel. Not too surprising that it's 'cartoonish.' And the Nancy/Roarke/Hartigan subplot wasn't supposed to be *funny*...geez. *is a huge RobRod/Frank Miller fangirl*

Source: IMDb

EDIT: fixed pics :)

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