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The Dream (producer of Umbrella-ella-ella) produces song for Celine Dion

Aries (UBG): Who are some artists you're currently working with and who's project beside your own are you the most excited about that you worked on?
The Dream: There are a lot actually, but I have to tell you, the one that has me the most excited is a song I did for Usher's new album. The whole project as well, because I think they're going to call us in to finish the project. But there is a song called Moving Mountains, man it's incredible. It's like four Umbrella's in one, it's a mid-tempo. Then there is a song I did for Celine Dion called Sky's of L.A., which is about what our future looks like. You know like the sky of L.A., cloudy, full of dirt, etc. I love that song. I'm working with Mary J. Blige, that's exciting, just a lot of people really.


If it's like "Skies Of LA...LA...LA..." I'm too through with her. DO YOU HEAR ME?! >:o

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