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Who wants free tickets thanks to MTV?

Are you a fan of the hit Broadway Show "Legally Blonde - The Musical"?
Do you love MTV?
Here is your chance to mix BOTH of your favorite things when MTV and "Legally Blonde - The Musical" team up to bring this hit musical to MTV viewers worldwide!

That's Right! MTV is taking over a Broadway Show for ONE night -
and ONE night ONLY! This is an MTV first - and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Be a part of the very VIP audience
on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 when MTV films "Legally Blonde"
(for broadcast later in the month of September)!

This is an awesome opportunity to see one of Broadway's most exciting musicals - FREE!

1. You must appear to be between the ages of 15-25. This is an MTV event for broadcast - so the age range will be strictly enforced.
2. You must be able to pick up your complimentary tickets in a midtown Manhattan, NY location on Sunday, September 16 or Monday, September 17.
Once tickets are gone - we will be starting an overflow list and you will be asked to come to the theater the night of to secure your seat.
**NOTE: please - only request tickets if you KNOW that you will use them! We have a limited # of seats - and if you take tickets and do not show up we run the risk of seats being vacant when so many people want them!
GROUPS WELCOME - please see special instructions below to request group tickets!
3. You must wear a PINK SHIRT ... can be a tshirt, sweater, sweatshirt etc... just make sure it is some shade of pink...Yes - guys this means you too! This is a big part of the taping - so please be sure to help us out with this!

To secure your FREE tickets:

Email us at: LegallyblondeonMTV@gmail.com
Provide the following information:
1.Your FULL name AND the FULL name of your additional ticket holder.
2. A phone # where we can reach you at any time of the day.
3. Your age, and the age of your guest.
4. Confirmation that you CAN pick up your tickets on one of the "ticket pickup" days in Manhattan. When you order your free tickets, you will receive a confirmation of your order - and instructions as to WHERE (address) and WHAT TIME FRAME to pick your tickets up!
The "ticket pickup" spot will be a midtown Manhattan location.

**Each person requesting tickets is for YOU plus ONE (two tickets). PLEASE be sure that you can use BOTH tickets - and that the person you are bringing is within the MTV age range!
ALSO - if you KNOW that a lot of your friends are requesting tickets - PLEASE be sure that you do not DUPLICATE REQUESTS! - This is VERY important!

Groups: If you would like to request GROUP TICKETS (meaning that everyone in your group is within in the MTV age range - EXCEPT for pre-approved chaperones if necessary) please put:
REQUEST FOR GROUP in the subject line of the email to us.
We will have a limited # of "chaperone seats" available for groups (groups with students etc...)
One of our staff will contact you and arrange these tickets.
Please give us YOUR information as a contact and the general # of tickets that you would need, etc.
Perfect for junior high, high school, and college drama classes!
** NOTE - these tickets are FREE - and MAY NOT BE SOLD by your organization or group! This will be strictly enforced - no exceptions **

**If you are interested in this - please get your email requests in soon - we do the tickets on a "FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE" basis!

Powered by: Classic Entertainment Group, Inc.

times like this, I wish I lived in Manhattan.
Source: MTI, and my inbox.

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