Sue Simmons Cursed Me Out!!! (disco_balla) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Sue Simmons Cursed Me Out!!!

Blind Item

This black female celebrity is always preaching self-love, high morals and spirituality despite having the morals of an alley cat.
She's more of an uninhibited "sex freak" than a spiritual counselor/lifestyle coach. What 's not known is that she loves the drug dens across this country when she's on tour or location. She likes cocaine and she just started dabbling with crack.

And, she likes to sleep with her friend's boyfriends behind their back, it makes her feel powerful and in control. She's down for whatever with whomever. Reportedly, she allegedly has a appetite for menage a trois as well.
She also slept with the famous (former) boyfriend of one of her musical peers. She's scandalous.

Whenever she feels the need to have a kid, she hooks up with a man, pretending she's all in to him, in reality, he's nothing more than a sperm donor. After she conceives, she tolerates him for a year or two, then kicks him to the curve, in her mind, 'he's served his purpose.'
She will soon have financial problems due to her expanding drug use.

Erykah Badu but she only has two kids. The BI makes it seem like this person would have more than that. But then again, Myra Panache is a pretty shitty BI writer.

Any guesses?


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