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2007 Toronto International Film Festival - "Lars and the Real Girl" Press Conference

Ryan Gosling and the cast of "Lars and the Real Girl" sit down to talk about the new film.
***(+ Rachel and Ryan still a couple!)***

Although an impressive cast of actors graced the stage at this afternoon's press conference for Lars and The Real Girl, all anyone wanted to talk about was Bianca, the life-sized "star" of the film.

The movie is about a quiet young man who falls in love with an anatomically correct sex doll. While she doesn't utter a single line, according to the panellists, Bianca was a part of the cast.

"She was very dignified," said Emily Mortimer, who plays Lars' sister-in-law. "There's something about this doll that makes you look at yourself."

"I actually formed a bond with her," said Ryan Gosling, who plays the titular Lars. "She was a really calming presence."

Screenwriter Nancy Oliver, who penned episodes of the critically acclaimed television show Six Feet Under, said she was inspired by a job that brought her in contact with "perverse Web sites and lonely guys."

A producer brought the script to director Craig Gillespie, pitching it as "about a guy who falls in love with a sex doll." Gillespie put the script aside, but his wife read and recommended it to him.

Gosling said he was intrigued by a script that, while conceptually is funny, is actually a very emotional story about love that is "real even if it's not reciprocal."

Patricia Clarkson, who play' Lars' [and Bianca's] doctor, said she "was very excited to be in a movie with a blow-up doll."

But it's that term – blow-up doll – that provided a point of contention.

She was treated as a full-fledged member of the cast. For instance, they would not change her outfits in front of anyone, and Bianca even had her own handlers who would give her magazines to read between takes.

"She's not a blow-up doll," said Gosling. "She's very heavy."
"She's hard," said Clarkson.
"She blows Lars," said actor Paul Schneider, to a chorus of groans.

When moderator Elvis Mitchell enquired how the "role" of Bianca was cast, Gillespie explained that there's a factory in San Diego that makes the dolls, and "there's an endless array of choices."

Mortimer admitted that she was quite "shy" around the doll. "I didn't quite know how to deal with her."
"The doll, Bianca, is extremely life-life," said Schneider. "[She's] a state-of-the-art piece of work."

Kelli Garner, who plays the girl who loves Lars in real life, admitted, "I was really jealous of the doll."
"God, you guys had very complicated relationships [with the doll]," said an amazed Clarkson.

One reporter wanted to know what happened to Bianca after filming ended. It turns out there were in fact multiple dolls: Gillespie kept one and Gosling kept another.
Another reporter wanted to know where Gosling kept his doll.
"Well, it's not important…" he said to laughs. He later added his girlfriend, Rachel McAdams, doesn't like it lying around the house.

To Gillespie, Gosling got off the presser's best line: "I heard yours is dating Colin Farrell. Is that true?" 

*I'm beyond jealous my best friend got to be in this movie (Kelli). Definitely check this one out, it was such a great film.*



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