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December Boys Melbourne premiere

As Daniel Radcliffe aptly put it, nothing anyone says can prepare you for a movie premiere. The noise, the emotion, the people - mere words seem inadequate to convey the experience, yet it is words that we must rely on.The atmosphere is overwhelming, even oppressive at times. From the piercing screams of the fans to the incessant flash of cameras, the whole scene is somewhat surreal.

For three young fans, the Melbourne premiere of December Boys became a little too much to bear. Plucked from the suffocating throng of eager (female) fans, these three boys were ushered inside the Rivoli Theater, their mother in close pursuit. While there were many celebrities attending the premiere, these boys had eyes for only one - Daniel Radcliffe, their Harry Potter favorite, and the undisputed star of the afternoon event.

One of the fan-trio waited impatiently, standing on tip-toes as his eyes searched frantically for his hero, a picture of Radcliffe in his Potter guise, clutched tightly in his hands. To his right, his younger companion was not faring as well. With tears streaming down his face, the heady excitement of the day had taken its toll. As mother and officials attempted to sooth his distress, the final member of the fan-trio stood happily to one side.

Smiling and waving at passers by, the youngest brother reveled in the scene. Even if the intricacies of the scene were largely lost on this young fan, the excitement was infectious - he was meeting Harry Potter, and nothing else mattered at that moment.

While there were many sights and sounds (screaming certainly dominated Daniel's arrival) at the December Boys premiere, it was the contrasting emotions of these three young fans that epitomized the experience. This was more than just a premiere - it was a celebration, shared by Dan and his fans.

As Daniel finally navigated the fan-lined red carpet (signing many, many autographs along the way), the boys finally got to meet their idol. Dan kneeled to chat to the boys, and obliged them with that much-prized autograph. Bringing these three boys out of the crowd was a simple gesture, but it was the power of their reactions that made it special.

Daniel made his way over to me. I asked him what bit of advice might have prepared him for these kinds of events, to which he replied, "To be honest, nothing ever prepares you for stuff like this, because every time you get out of the car and you hear that scream, it always takes you by surprise. The best piece of advice that I've got I think is probably from my dad. He always says that when you meet someone you gotta shake their hand and you should get your hand out first. I think that's probably the best piece of advice I've ever been given."

So how can the premiere be summed up? In truth, it can't. The emotions and experiences of those present will vary dramatically. For the three brothers, it was a day they will never forget. For others, trapped at the rear of a crowd that began gathering over six hours before Daniel's arrival, it may have been something of a disappointment. Daniel was, as ever, personable and friendly, displaying the warmth, humor and energy which has won him so many fans across the world - something made even more impressive by his late arrival in Australia, and hectic media schedule in the preceding days.

It was an impossible, indescribable afternoon, and one that will be relived by Australian fans for many days and weeks to come. It was more than a premiere - it was about Dan and his fans, and the rest was a sideshow.

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Source:, Aced Magazine, my own camera yo.

He's such a dork. It's really quite amazing. The fangirls were NUTS. I was inside, and I almost went deaf.

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