Inigo Montoya (yahthatsright) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Inigo Montoya

I just wanted an excuse to post this photo.

Wills' joy as he passes tank test

PROUD Prince William has passed his tank commander course with flying colours — and is fully qualified to be deployed to a war zone.

Wills, 25, spent six months completing the gruelling course, which his brother Prince Harry has already passed.

He was trained at the Royal Armoured Centre in Bovington, Dorset, to lead four Scimitar reconnaissance tanks.

An insider in his Household Cavalry Blues and Royals regiment said: "William was determined to make sure he passed.

"To be honest, Harry's pass was of a higher standard. He rolls his sleeves up and gets stuck in with his men. William is a bit more aloof — but a pass is a pass.

"It is a tough course in which the men are taught maintenance and driving, signalling, gunnery and tactics."

William will now be a troop commander in D Squadron, with a sergeant, two corporals, and eight troopers below him, at Combermere Barracks in Windsor, Berks.

Harry's A squadron is in Iraq but it was considered too dangerous for him to go with them.


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