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cute, young, and alchoholic male

Nikki Grahame unable to have children

Nikki Grahame has revealed that she is unable to have children as a result of her long battle with anorexia.

The Big Brother 7 star spent much of her childhood in hospital with the eating disorder and said doctors gave her the bad news when she was 12.

She told OK! magazine: "I might adopt because I can't have children, because of all the internal damage I've done to myself with the anorexia. I found out about it a while ago and it is a shame. It's inevitable though, with anorexia.

"I'm fine on the outside but there's still internal damage. I'm on tablets and the doctors want me to take oestrogen, but it makes me put on weight and have really bad mood swings."

She added: "The thing is I remember when I was 12 the doctor telling me... I wouldn't be able to have children. But back then I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, whatever'. Looking back, I really wish I'd listened to her."


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