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Duchovny's "bigger than the Beatles", according to...himself.

David's Beatles boast:
David Duchovny says he is bigger than The Beatles.

(BANG) - David Duchovny says he is bigger than The Beatles.

The actor, who achieved worldwide fame playing FBI agent Fox Mulder in hit US TV show 'The X Files', insists his achievements in the series outshine the Fab Four's career, because the programme lasted longer. Duchovny - who starred alongside Gillian Anderson in the show's nine series - remarked: "I wish we could go back to the days of 'The X Files'. But I never felt like a Beatle when I was making it. I don't think you could ever feel like a Beatle. They knew what they were doing, although maybe they didn't? They weren't together as long as we were.

"In fact, we were better than The Beatles. I mean, come on, 1962 to 1970? They couldn't even make it to a ninth year!"

David is set to be reunited with Gillian for a second 'X Files' film.

(C) BANG Media International


Umm...sure. I'm sure it's all in jest and everything, but A) isn't the guy's new show getting lambasted by critics?? And B)'s not like he filled a COFFEEPOT in that photo; how is a teacup enough to give a man such a huge ego? Just sayin'.

ETA: I KNOW HE'S JUST BEING A SMARTASS! I just found it - and the headline obviously trying to make him sound like a total jerk - amusing. Cut me some slack!! It's timeless eye candy!! Sheesh.


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