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Radar's One-Question Challenge 

At any given Fashion Week party, it's a safe bet than 95 pecent of the attendees have nothing to do with the actual clothing label. So why do they go? For the chance to suck down free booze and make out with other equally fashionable people, of course. In that spirit, we asked a few "notable" attendees at G-Star Raw Denim's after party at the Gramercy Park Hotel, one question, and one question only: "What's your favorite sexual position?" Their responses follow:

JC Chasez, former Mouseketeer and *NSYNC member

Chasez: "Oh man, oh man. So here's the thing: It's all about the girl. Not even that, and you may hate me for saying this, but it really depends on the shape of the girl. When it comes down to it, your shit has to align. Just gotta make sure everything matches up, you know?"
Blonde girl standing next to JC: "You do love the motorboat, though!"
Chasez: Ha. I do! But that shit ain't a position!

Nicky Hilton, marginally less demented sister of Paris

(Stares at Radar, then at friend)
Friend: "Don't answer that."
Hilton: "I'm not gonna answer that."
RADAR: "Why not? JC Chasez did."
Friend: "Yeah, but she's cooler than he is."
RADAR: "I'm not sure that's true."

Bode Miller, downhill skier, Olympic disappointment, alleged lush

: "Hmmm. Do you mean the actual name of the position, or a description of it? I can't really think of the name."
RADAR: "Just describe it then."
Miller: "Well, it's kinda like ..."
Miller's bro-dy: "I bet I know what yours is."
Miller: "How would you? That's fucking weird, dude. Anyway, actually, I think it really depends on the girl."

Russell Simmons, hip-hop mogul, Kimora Lee whipping boy

"Come on, man! I can't answer that!"

Paul Sevigny, DJ, proprietor of Beatrice Inn

"Men talk to women, not about them." 



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