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Barrowman interview, Piper talks Belle De Jour

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"I wanted to be an actor," he says, sitting on the couch of his apartment overlooking the bay in Cardiff, Wales, where Torchwood is shot. "Celebrity has come with that, and I'm absolutely loving it. I love signing autographs!"

"He's got something for everyone," Barrowman says. "Women think he's sexy, some young people find his bisexuality is something they can relate to, and kids just want someone who's cool. One little boy at an autograph signing said, 'I don't care if he likes boys — he's still my hero.'"

"I know a lot of gay leading men in Hollywood," he says. "I'm not one for outing people — they might have personal issues they need to overcome — but if they are not speaking up because they're afraid it's going to affect their careers, that pisses me off. Take the risk! I took that risk and the public rewarded me. I still play straight leading characters in theater, TV and film, so it doesn't matter."

"I'd do Torchwood for the next five years if they asked," he says happily. "I wake up every morning, I shoot aliens, I save the world, and I get to be sexy and cheeky at the same time. A young boy is living his dream as a man."


Billie talks Belle De Jour

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She said of the real Belle: "I was shocked that she seemed to be OK with it.

"I thought surely something bad must have happened, she must have been neglected, had no love from men or her dad walked out, there are many things.

"But what shocked me was that she seemed like a well-rounded, well-read, smart and witty woman."

Asked what she learned, Billie said: "The most shocking thing for me was that I imagined guys wanting to sleep with prostitutes being quite bolshy but it actually isn't like that.

"They feel quite vulnerable. These women are man-eaters. It shocked me that it would be like that."

Billie said she took a few outfits home, adding: "Usually I'm not really like that - I'm quite scruffy."

She said of prostitution: "It's an extremely lonely existence. You're having a dual life. It's like always having an affair... I haven't really explored the dark side of things but I'm aware that things occur and I'm not entirely sure what should be legal."


Billie on playing Belle

“I thought if I was going to take the job and play a hooker, I can’t be shy about it” she told Sun online.

And of the show’s nudity and frequent sex scenes, she said:

“And you can’t be shy about what you show because you are playing someone who has sex for a living.

“So if you were doing it endlessly in your bra and pants then you’d be thinking that is not a true account of what happens.

“It is a really intimate show,” she said. “I am really scared if I am honest.

“It is scary thinking that people are going to see you in that way maybe for the first time.

“And it is scary to think that people are going to treat you differently,” she added.


Billie thinks she's a man

Speaking at an ITV2 programme launch, she said: "I still feel like a boy. I'm convinced I'm a man."

But she did add: "I know how to walk in nice underwear now.

"The whole time people are saying 'You've got to push your tits out, stand straight', things like this.

"Nice underwear makes you feel quite sly. No one else knows about it."


Billie accused of glamorising prostitution

Piper said: “This is the story of a witty, well-educated girl who enjoys having a lot of sex and likes being paid a lot of money for it. She makes no apologies for it. It is her choice and she is very much in control.”

But the series has been criticised for fuelling male fantasies and misrepresenting prostitution. A spokeswoman for the English Collective Of Prostitutes said: “The series might reflect the lifestyle of a few high-end girls but the majority of prostitutes do not have a choice. They are doing it to put food on their children’s table and often place themselves in dangerous circumstances.”

Ms Piper denied that the series’ aim was pure titillation. She said: “This is TV so it looks slightly glamorous. It always does when you put a camera on these things. But this is going on and just because it’s not right for us, we take the moral high ground.”

She acknowledged that there were also “many desperate girls walking the streets for a few quid. It’s cruel and brutal”.



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