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Hockey Trouble

Ottawa Goalie is getting sued.

Jean Therien says he feared for his life as the white Hummer he had accidentally cut off on the freeway Wednesday morning began jerking into his lane, forcing him to swerve to avoid it.

He says his heart raced when the Hummer stopped in front of him on an off- ramp and an enraged Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery got out of the truck and approached his car, yelling at him through the passenger side window.

"He started calling me 'You f---ing old bag of bones, you f---ing sh--'," said Therien, 65. "He said, 'You tried to put me in the ditch.' I said, 'No. I did not.' "

Therien says the enraged goalie stopped his verbal assault for a moment when he called him by his name.

"Then he said, 'Who the f--- are you?' " said Therien, adding that he told Emery the fact he owns a Hummer doesn't make him the king of the road. "His next words to me were 'Get the f--- out of your car you old f---er and I'll kill you.' " '

Therien didn't get out of his car, but told Emery he was going to report the incident to the hockey club and the police, which he did.

"(Emery) then told me several times to f--- off," Therien said. "I didn't say a word. In the state of mind he was in, he was capable of doing just about anything at that point."

Therien says Emery then returned to his vehicle and drove away. Therien said he went straight to the Scotiabank Place to report the incident.

Contrary to other reports, Therien says he did not give Emery the finger after cutting him off.

An Ottawa police spokesman would neither confirm nor deny whether the incident is under investigation, but Therien said he filed a report.

"The (Senators) club is aware of the circumstances surrounding a personal incident yesterday morning involving Ray Emery," the club said in a release yesterday.

"We trust that Ray will address the issues to the satisfaction of the authorities."

Therien says he plans to sue Emery in civil court.

"I'm suing him for what he has put me through, the danger to my life and the danger to my health," said Therien, adding he had yet to contact a lawyer.


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