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Biggest Loser engagement scandal

I don't know if anyone cares, but I thought this was interesting. I watched the Biggest Loser reunion show & thought Marty's proposal to Amy was very sweet.

According to Kai's myspace though, it was not as fairy tale as it seemed.

September 4, 2007 - Tuesday

Current mood: confused

Ok, so I was gonna keep my big mouth shut- but we all know that it's not in my nature.

I just received a text message from a friend on the east coast that is watching the reunion show, I don't watch tv, don't even have it hooked up actually and if I did I wouldn't be watching anyway- other than to see how beautiful Pammy looks- anyway my best friend from highschool texts me telling me that Marty is going to propose to Amy on the show. Am I the only one who remembers Marty's WIFE!?!?!

ok, so I get it, things happen people fall in and out of love, even when you are married and Marty and I had a long talk about this when Amy was voted off the ranch and I approached him with how I felt about what all of us ranchers knew was an ongoing affair- I mean he moved into her room for chrissake, we weren't stupid-anyway he explained it all, and as much as I would have made different choices (for example telling my wife before beginning a new relationship) things happen. I have to say that I saw Amy and Marty as they fell in love, as did all of us on the ranch and I do believe sometimes things just happen no matter how hurtful they may be to others, LIKE YOUR WIFE.

Here is what pisses me off about the situation; (yes, it's none of my business but so fucking what?!) At worst Marty and Amy are using their relationship as a marketing angle at best they are being used by 3Ball and NBC. This publicity stunt will help to promote their new personal training business and they can market themselves as the new "Matt and Suzy" and NBC ever looking after more publicity and money is more than happy to oblige. Guess what people Matt and Suzy WERE NOT CHEATING on a SPOUSE with each other at the ranch MARTY and AMY were, why are we rewarding this behavior as though it were an ideal fairytale to emmulate? Fat or thin, this is tacky shit. Again, I get it- sometimes you can't help falling in love, but you CAN help the choices you make and the sensitivity you show toward someone you loved enough at one point to MARRY. You could have the decency to not flaunt your affair in the face of a woman who sent you off to a TV show that was supposed to change both your lives, a woman who worked her ass off to hold down the fort at home, lose weight and become healthier while you were gone. A woman who loved you before you were "Marty from The Biggest Loser" when you were just "Marty a teacher from the mid-west."

I get that NBC could give a shit about this woman, they care only about $, but come on Amy and Marty show some sensitivity. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with people?

* If you don't remember his wife that's because she was edited out of everything except the cruise episode, where she was his secret guest waiting for him, imagine how he shit himself when he saw her, talk about an awkward boat trip for EVERYONE*


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