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No Doubt to go back to their ska roots for next album?

In recent interviews, Gwen has hinted at a ska revival with the upcoming No Doubt album.

from Teen Vogue

This current collection is really ska influenced because of my upcoming album and also because of my past. When I first started out, everything I did was ska, the music and the clothes, in fact one of the songs on the runway tonight is also one of the first songs I ever performed in front of an audience.

from Style

The runway soundtrack, no surprise, will feature some of her favorite old groups. But what about her next record? “I’m coming to the end of a chapter, doing my own dance records. In the fall, I’ll record with No Doubt. I don’t want to say for sure that it’ll be ska, but that it is where we started.


God, please let this be true. I would be so thrilled.

And, because I know it's going to happen, can we do without the 100 'Tragic Kingdom was the best album' comments? It just gets so redundant. Yes, TK was the best album. It's like, how many times to we need to call Lindsay a crackwhore? We get it!

That is all; go back about your knitting.

And because this video is the shit..

Ahahahahahahahahah OMFG go watch this (won't let me embed) this little 12 year old made a music video for Bubble Pop Electric, and it's painful. LOL

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