notorious but nice. (ms_firecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
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Lindsay Lohan did not sell photos to OK! Magazine

in response to this post

The NY Post is claiming that the Lindsay Lohan pictures that appeared in OK Magazine were not an exclusive photoshoot, as they claimed, but more along the lines of what they seem - long range photos of Lindsay taken by someone within rehab, then sold to the press.

Lindsay Lohan will be looking good in case there are any more "exclusive" photos of her in rehab. A spy in celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves’ salon said, "Ken sent someone out to Utah to do Lindsay’s extensions this week." Lohan was the subject of an OK! magazine "exclusive photo shoot" several weeks ago that wasn’t sanctioned by the starlet. "Someone on the premises of the rehab took pictures of her and sold them. She didn’t know about it, and it was a violation," a friend said. A rep for Lohan didn’t know about her hairdressing.

That’s really ill mannered of OK Magazine. It’s one thing to show the pictures, it’s quite another to claim they are sanctioned by Lindsay.


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