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Put That Kitty In Rehab!
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The Sun claims that this picture is of Pete Doherty forcing his cat, Dinger, to smoke crack from a pipe he made especially for it. Friends apparently leaked the picture, because they want Pete's abuse to be exposed. Um...why didn't they just call animal services?
Friends say that after the cat smokes crack it passes out, suffers mood swings and thinks it can fly

A friend said, "One in particular has borne the brunt of his drug abuse. Pete thinks it’s hilarious to get it wasted. He even made a special mini-crack pipe out of a bottle so it can get the maximum hit.

“But the kitten is starting to get really bad withdrawal symptoms.

“It has lost some of its balance and takes huge risks jumping over things that are too high. It thinks it can fly. It’s really distressing to see.”

Call the Pet Police!!!! If these so-called friends really cared they would do more than just leak the picture to the press. I do love Dreamboat Doherty, but this bitch is insane and he seriously needs to be put away cold. Poor crack kitty! It never wanted that life. It just wants to lay in the sun and cough up hairballs. Not roam the hood jonesing for it's next high!

I'm holding on to the hope that it's not Pete in the picture, but let's be real....bitch would do it!