Sue Simmons Cursed Me Out!!! (disco_balla) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Sue Simmons Cursed Me Out!!!

Another edition of "Ask Khia"

More life advice from your favorite Thug Misses:

I'm married with one kid. Me and mine are living nice because of me, but my man doesn't know that I get money from other niggas to pay for everything, now he's questioning me. What do I do?

Terressa, what's really hood? Now you know I'm going to keep it real. Are you a whore? A chick that fucks nigga's for money; I mean we all fuck for something whether it's love, lust, money, stupidity, so in your case it's to take care of your husband and your home. So is there another name for that then, because that so called nigga or husband you got sounds like a pimp because a real nigga would take care of you. He really shouldn't be questioning you about shit. A king takes care of his queen because any other way is unbalanced. So you should really get your household straight because if you tell him what you really are, if he's not a pimp,he'll bounce because a real man doesn't want to be married to a woman that's for sale and I can't even imagine how you son would feel damnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Hey, I work in the entertainment industry and it is a tough industry. You never know how wants to be around you because they like you for who you are or if they want to be around you for what you can do for them. I meet chill ass people but never want to go past hello and goodbye because who has the time to find out if their real or not. I'm tired of being lonely. How do you land Mister Right?
Miss Grinder

What's really hood Miss Grinder. Me being in the industry myself I can relate to this a lot. There's so many snakes, scrubs, and crabs in the game you really can't trust no one but yourself and that's just being real because we already know you can't trust no nigga. Hey what can I say its a doggie dog world. My advice to you would be to have fun, live life, and makes as many friends as you can. You have to be friends before you can be lovers because if not it never works. You have to get to know the men in your life, feel them out and get to know their ways and moods by being friends first. You can peep out their character. See if their loyal, trustworthy, good fathers, and sons to their mothers and daughters, good partners to their boys. Some times only time can tell so just have fun and you know, sex too soon isn't good. Just pray about it and ask God to send you Mister Right and in the mean time between time get you a few toys and a few homeboys to hang out with when you get lonely because I myself would rather hand out with nigga's because you can't trust no bitch either. Hello!!!!!

You may know Khia best from her lovely mugshot collection:

Originally spotted @ C&D. Khia is an advice columnist for Hood Magazine.

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