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Yahoo!'s Top 10 "Can't-Miss" Shows

At Yahoo! we use search patterns to help predict what we think will be the breakout new shows. Last year we saw a lot of people searching for Heroes before the season even started. This year with the help of the Yahoo! Buzz team we have identified the Top 10 most popular new shows – before they’ve even aired. Click through this slideshow to find out which shows made the list.

10. Cavemen
The new ABC comedy Cavemen rolls in at No. 10 on the Yahoo! TV Buzz list. We hope this puts an end to the nasty rumor that cavemen don't get any respect. (Premieres Tuesday, Oct. 2)

9. Private Practice
The Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice on ABC comes in at No. 9 on the Yahoo! TV Buzz list. The cast is solid (Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman) and the massive Grey's fan base hungry for some California sun are sure to make this show a keeper. (Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26)

8. Chuck
The new NBC show Chuck is No. 8 on the Yahoo! TV Buzz list. Zach Levi rocks as the self-proclaimed nerd who accidentally implants the government's most well-kept secrets into his subconscious by viewing an email from a friend. Now that's some kind of email virus. (Premieres Monday, Sept. 24)

7. Cane
The Cuban-American family drama Cane on CBS is the No. 7 most searched for new show on Yahoo! No surprise. Just look at the outstanding cast led by Jimmy Smits. (Premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25)

6. AngelMoonlight
The CBS vampire drama Moonlight makes an appearance at No. 6 on the Yahoo! TV Buzz list. The interview with this vampire (available on Y! TV) is likely what people are searching for. (Premieres Friday, Sept. 28)

5. Reaper
The new CW show Reaper about a boy whose parents sold his soul to the devil has burned its way up the search charts landing at No. 5 on the Yahoo! TV Buzz list. (Premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25)

4. The Big Bang Theory
The CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory comes in at No. 4 on the Yahoo! TV Buzz list proving that nerdy is the new sexy. How else would you explain it? (Premieres Monday, Sept. 24)

3. Gossip Girl
The CW's Gossip Girl is the No. 3 most searched for new show of the fall season. Photos of the hot young cast may have something to do with that. Wild guess. (Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 19)

2. Bionic Woman
NBC's Bionic Woman is No. 2 on the Yahoo! TV Buzz list, giving this fresh take on a classic TV series more than a fighting chance at being a success. Who can resist hot chicks who kick butt? (Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26)

1. Kid Nation
The new CBS reality show Kid Nation is generating the most buzz out of any of the new fall shows. Lots of people are trying to find out more about the controversy surrounding the conditions on set for the kids. We think the show put forth a genuine challenge and the kids rose to meet it. You be the judge. (Premieres Wednesday, Sept. 19)


lol at most of these. From this list, I'm only watching "Gossip Girl," "Reaper," and "Private Practice." And in what place, shape, or form is "Cavemen" anticipated? But the bigger question is this: WHERE THE FUCK IS "PUSHING DAISIES?"


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