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oh naughty harry

PRINCE Harry is in the dog house - after keeping girlfriend Chelsy Davy waiting at the airport for an hour. 
The 21-year-old had to hang around after her an exhausting 9-hour flight from Joahannesburg for Harry who she has not seen since July

Her flight arrived at 6.30am at Heathrow but by the time she cleared customs there was no sign of Harry to greet her.
She spent nearly 40 minutes in Terminal 1 where she was seen pacing around, lugging her bags around and having a heated conversation on her mobile phone.
The Zimbabwean then sat in a coffee bar while she waited for Harry to turn up.
And he looked more than a little flustered when he arrived flanked by bodyguards.
One witness said: “She had a face like thunder. You could say she was not pleased at being left waiting around. “He looked like he had just got out of bed."
The couple had not seen each for over a month when they were on holiday in Botswana.
A source said: “This was supposed to be the big reunion but it has not got off the best of starts.”Chelsy, who has recovered from an appendix operation after collapsing in South Africa last month, is expected to stay with Harry for at least a week.

Source pictures from the actual airport at the source.

personally, i think they make a genuinely cute couple.
ALSO, it's not like she had to wait ages, an hour..! could have applied her makeup and done hair in that time.

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