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Leo a no-show at BFF Tobey Maguire's wedding

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Back in the day, young tomcats Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio were inseparable. Prowling Hollywood with their club-hopping compatriots, actor Lukas Haas, magician David Blaine, rapper Q-Tip, and onetime indie movie It-Boy, Harmony Korine. Goofy pranks, rampaging drug-crazed parties, womanizing and lousy tipping were allegedly some of this informal club's credo. But with
Tobey's Sept. 4 secret marriage to baby-mama Jennifer Meyer, the party is obviously long over.

Does the still-single Leo now consider "Spidey" Maguire a sellout? Could bitter feelings be the reason for his Titanic absence from the Hawaiian wedding party? Nope, it's just not that juicy. These are guys we're talking about, remember. According to In Touch, Leo and Tobey are still BFFs. Magazine insiders say that Leo was indeed invited to the wedding, but couldn't attend because of
commitments on his latest film, "Body of Lies".

Still, seeing as Tobey and Jennifer's baby girl Ruby was born nine months before the ceremony, you'd think the couple could've waited just a little longer until Leo's schedule opened up. Ladies, are we right?

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took a baby talk break on Monday to make an appearance at the 33rd American Film Festival in Deauville, France. But Us Weekly reports that their ultra-chic sashay into the Hotel Royal Barriere was really just a fancy do-over.

"They, in fact, got to the hotel hours earlier and had a rest before faking their grand entrance much later for the cameras" according to Us Weekly's
unnamed source.

Apparently the power couple wanted to get ready for their close-up before facing the crowd of photogs. "When they had changed and smartened up they returned to a waiting car, which went round the block and then drove them back to the hotel, so that they could act as if they had just arrived," the source told the magazine.

Right as if they're both not annoyingly attractive even when they don't spiff up for the flashbulbs.

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After her stint in the Pokey, Miss Hilton promised to show the world a whole new Paris. Not so, says National Enquirer's Mike Walker. When the heirhead recently tried to schmooze up to former "O.C." pal Mischa Barton, her old
catty ways came back to the surface.

Walker's source claims that Paris called Mischa to reunite over some dish. Paris "went into a rant about the mess Nicole Richie's made of her life, how Britney Spears snubbed her and that Lindsay Lohan's white trash and destined to be dead soon."

For her part, Mischa refrained from sharpening her own claws on her troubled peers and hung up on Paris, according to the N.E. story. That move earned her a top spot on Paris's new bash list.

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