Elizabeth (ecctv) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Hilary Duff at the Music Loves Fashion event at Time Supper Club, Montreal


Official Hilary Duff Dignity Tour After Party at Time Supper Club
Tuesday September 4

A grand crowd waited at the doors of Time Supper Club, as the Dignity Tour buses drove
pass, dropping off the evening’s guest of honor, Hilary Duff. Guests were taking the last
bites of their dinners, when Duff walked in the club and into the “Music Loves Fashion”
event, produced by Time Supper Club, Produkt Communications, and Myspace. All eyes
gazed at the star and her crew as they stepped into their beautifully decked out VIP
retreat, complete with exotic fruit platters, exquisite canapés, vitamin water bottles, fresh
juice blends, and premium Belvedere Vodka bottles that were left unopened.

At around 11:15pm, the lights were dimmed down, sexy electronica music blasted the
speakers, and the highly anticipated Soïa & Kyo coat fashion show started. The models,
with dazzling tresses styled by Redken, trailed across Time’s signature 4-foot high
illuminated catwalk, as industry professionals, the jet set, and Hilary Duff watched. Until
the last walk, the crowd was whistling and clapping, Hilary’s area was on high-octane
energy mode, and superstar DJ Yo-C was burning up the turntables with pure Hip-Hop

Duff couldn’t contain her excitement as she moved to the DJ booth through the bustling
crowd, grabbed the earphones, and jammed a couple of tunes with a keen smile – not
forgetting to include in the mix her hit “Stranger” as her adoring fans sang along. As soon
as the song ended, she quickly stepped down to take photographs, autographs, and hugs.
Duff then waived to her crew and pointed towards the terrace.

An African styled hut housed the crew, as they continued to dance and sing to
internationally acclaimed DJ/artist Sultan. Time Supper Club’s glowing terrace was
packed with loungers and bottles on the impossibly conformable daybeds. Duff stuck to
her non-alcoholic beverages and took in her Time experience to the maximum. More fans
came to take a peak at Duff, who gladly snuck out of the hut to do a round of photos and
autographs. Sadly by 1:45am, the tour bus had to hit the road. Duff walked away waiving
and blowing kisses.

Yet another “Music Loves Fashion” event, in coordination with Myspace, which
heightened all senses and emotions!

Source: Time Supper Club and ONTD

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