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'View' Ratings Rosy, But Not Rosie

All the controversy, not quite all the ratings.

So went Whoopi Goldberg's first day on the job with ABC's The View.

Thanks to Goldberg's statements on Tuesday's show about disgraced football star Michael Vick and dogfighting, The View generated enough headlines to hearken back to a good old-fashioned Rosie O'Donnell-Elisabeth Hasselbeck argument. But in the ratings department, Goldberg's debut came up 1 million viewers short when matched against O'Donnell's debut a year ago, preliminary ratings showed.

Numbers-wise, Tuesday's View averaged an estimated 3.4 million, which would make it the 10-year-old show's second-best season premiere ever, ABC said.

The first-best season premiere ever?

Last September's, which featured the return of O'Donnell to daytime television. That episode averaged 3.6 million.

O'Donnell departed The View last May after one (almost) full season. Her exit, announced in April, was hastened after an on-air blowup with Hasselbeck.

Goldberg was tapped last month to fill O'Donnell's moderator seat. Another cohost, to fill Star Jones' long-vacant chair, will be named next Monday.

The new View talkers had best have their mouths ready to go. O'Donnell's rabble-rousing run helped boost the ABC show's ratings by double digits.

On its first day, at least, the Goldberg era kept pace with the O'Donnell era, with its viewership numbers up 3 percent over the show's season-long average.

And in her first week, at least, Goldberg, who spent Wednesday's show trying to defang the dog controversy, sounded as if she has one sure viewer.

When asked on her blog if she intended to catch Goldberg on The View, O'Donnell wrote, in her usual lowercase way, "of course."


I like the new set. Elisabeth needs to stop defending Republican homophobes. None of these bitches hold a candle to Rosie. That is all.

EDIT: Lmao, I just remembered...did anybody see today when they gave the audience Georgia Rule DVDs before the commercial break, and they all thought they had already gone to commercial and Whoopi turns to Joy and said "Could there have been LESS applause" & Joy laughed. Then they all were like..."We're still on the air? ....Shit"

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