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Rosie O'Donnell: Whoopi 'Was Good'

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Rosie O'Donnell delivered a three-word verdict on Whoopi Goldberg's first day on The View: "Whoopi was good."

Instead of making her feelings known in her usual haiku blog style, O'Donnell decided to make a video entry and respond to questions posted on her Web site.

One reader asked if the 45-year-old actress was sad to be watching the show.

"No, I wasn't sad. It was interesting to watch," she said before adding that she was disappointed at the makeover given to the studio set.

"I was sad that the set was beige. Truthfully, it was just wrong. Maybe people like beige and I'm the only one who doesn't," she said.

Meanwhile, Barbara Walters told View viewers Wednesday to prepare for another change.

"I would like to say there has been one empty chair on the hot topics table all of last year – its been empty for a year – but this Monday, Sept. 10, if you tune in, you will find that we have somebody else joining the panel permanently," Walters announced.

To which Goldberg jokingly replied: "I was only here a day! You replacing me already? My God!"

ABC announced May 25 that O'Donnell would not return to the show after having a major blowout with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck earlier in that week, even though the comic's contract expired the following month.

Summertime speculation as to who would replace O'Donnell ranged from Mario Cantone to Sherri Shepherd.


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