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CW previews 'Aliens' for Muslims
Network to also screen sitcom for Brookings

It's not every day that the Brookings Institution screens a new network comedy, but the Washington think tank will do so next month when it previews the CW laffer "Aliens in America."

Skein -- about a Muslim student who ends up living with an American family -- is also skedded to be shown at another unusual venue: the Islamic Center of Southern California, where it will screen Thursday. Both presentations will be followed by panel discussions featuring the show's exec producers, Moses Port and David Guarascio.

Producer CBS Paramount Network Television says the screenings and discussions are designed to raise awareness of "Aliens," which despite its provocative premise is actually a sweet half-hour. It's a strategy endorsed by Guarascio.

"We just want as many people to hear about the show as possible, and we think (the screenings) make complete sense," he said, noting that he and Port have been talking to the Islamic Center about "Aliens" since the show was in the script stage. Early reaction has been positive.

"They were excited to have a show that was a comedy and where the Muslim character wasn't a terrorist," Guarascio said.

"Aliens" isn't a politically minded show a la "All in the Family" or "Maude," though an early episode has townfolk twittering when the Muslim student buys some explosives -- for a rocket-club assignment.

"We're not going out of our way to do it, but we'll naturally have some stories that touch upon (issues)," he said.


I'm a Muslim, I've seen the pilot and it's really great. It brings a bucketful of lulz too especially in the first few scenes involving Justin and the bullies at school. And you know, if someone manages to be offended by the very real confusion (and rampant stupidity) portrayed on the show, they shouldn't be watching any television in the first place. Everyone should give it a try when it premieres. :D

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