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SAUCY Sam and Amanda Marchant last night lifted the lid on the twin-credible sex secrets that were too hot to reveal in the Big Brother house.

The 19-year-olds gave housemates and viewers the impression that they were sweet and innocent pink princesses.

But, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, the saucy pair admitted they were actually red-hot devils in the bedroom.

The duo told how they...

Both lost their virginity at the age of 16.

Use telepathy to reveal their saucy secrets to each other.

Swapped places to date the same man – and he never even realised.

Have been so drunk, they passed out during a steamy romp.

Enjoyed kinky action in a variety of places, including the kitchen floor – and once Sam almost knocked herself out on a bed headboard in the throes of passion.

The giggling girls also admit they shop in Ann Summers to spice up their sex lives with racy underwear and love to swap tips about lovers.

Sam said: “Ann Summers is my favourite shop for dressing up. It’s dead good. They sell everything for a good sex life!”

Both lasses lost their virginity at 16, enjoying their first bedroom romps within a month of one another.

Amanda was the first to have sex – with a hunky lad called Kyle. Just weeks later, Sam followed.

Sam said: “I’d been with this boy called Rich for a while and he told me he had been with other girls.

“He never pressured me into sex. I waited until I was really ready and it felt right.

“I was scared, but I enjoyed it. After I’d done it, I waited a couple of hours and then rang Amanda and told her what I’d done.”

The gorgeous girls – who came second in Friday’s Big Brother final – revealed that they never try to hide any of their sexy secrets from each other. That is because, thanks to their twin telepathy, they both know exactly what the other is getting up to.

While in the Channel 4 house, the twins amazed their housemates by revealing their talent for reading each other’s minds.

The girls are so close they know what the other is feeling. They finish one another’s sentences, fill out forms in the same way, buy the same clothes and even have identical dreams.

Sam explained: “We always tell each other everything that’s happened with boys. We share everything.

“We can’t really have many secrets, because we always know what the other is doing anyway.

“It’s true what they say about identical twins. We are psychopathic!

“Actually it’s ‘telepathic’ but I said it wrong in the house during that Big Brother mind experiment thing. So I know the word now.”

The bubbly duo also confessed that they love to have fun with boys and once even swapped around to see whether they could dupe a guy into dating the wrong sister.

Amanda said: “I was dating this lad but we’d only been on a few dates and I was getting a bit bored.

“Sam and I had been sharing the same mobile and Sam decided she fancied him.

“So she texted him for a date. He had no idea what we were up to. He met up with her and they had four dates and he never even noticed the switch! It was dead, dead funny.

“Sam would tell me she’d been to the cinema or a bar with him in case he rang the mobile, so I’d know what to say. Then she got bored with him, too, and ended it. He never knew about the swap.”

In the Big Brother house, the sisters showed how they loved to party. And their poolside frolics went down a treat with the lads on the show.

In the outside world, their partying is a lot wilder. The twins love to knock back the booze – and have even passed out while having drunken nookie.

Sam said: “One night I got so drunk. When we got back, my boyfriend at the time and I were in bed together and I blacked out.

“I had drunk too much. I just passed out. Amanda’s done it, too.”

Sam and Amanda also admitted that they loved getting frisky in all kinds of odd places. But they can be a bit accident prone, even in the bedroom.

Sam said: “In the house, I admitted to the others that I had had sex on the floor of a kitchen. And it’s true.

“Our mum was away for the weekend and I made Amanda leave the house so I had it to myself. My boyfriend came over and we did it on the floor. It was funny.

“We also had a bit of an accident in the bedroom. We were at it and I bashed my head on the bedpost. It really hurt. Cringe moment!”

Sam – who is now dating hunky Rich Jones, 21 – also revealed that she has had four lovers in total, while Amanda has had three.

But Sam has been shocked to read reports that one former boyfriend, called Lee, claims to have bedded both her and Amanda.

She said: “That’s disgusting. I don’t know why he would say that. I was dead annoyed to read that.

“I felt bad when we broke up. But now he’s been saying nasty things like that, I am glad we’re not together.”

Her last boyfriend was a guy called Sean, who she was with for just three months last year.

Amanda has been single for almost a year – although she is hoping her Big Brother success might change all that.

However, she is nervous that any past and future lovers might try to do a kiss-and-tell on her.

Amanda said: “When we heard we were going on Big Brother, Sam and I guessed that boys might come forward and try to sell stories.

“But we thought we couldn’t turn the offer down because of that.

“We weren’t letting some boys ruin our dream.”

Source: Daily Star

Lol seems like they want to cash in and do as many underwear shoots as possible now they haven't got the sweet and innocent little girl image to live up to. Typical BB contestants really...


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