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Salma Hayek’s Baby Shower

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Bring on the booty! Mom-to-be Salma Hayek, 41, cleaned up at the August 15 baby shower held at her home in the Hollywood Hills.

The nine-months-pregnant Hayek (dad is her fiancé, Francois-Henri Pinault, 45, CEO of luxury goods company PPR) even received doubles of several gifts off her registry at L.A.’s NoMi Boutique. She got Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake bags in both black ($325) and pink ($425), as well as two Bloom high chairs ($400 each) and Graco Snug Ride car seats ($130 each). “She was very excited about everything,” said Pia Lindstrom, who attended the party, where guests – including Hayek’s mother – enjoyed homemade Mexican food.

“She was full of pregnancy glow and looked so happy.”

For Hayek, the baby can’t come fast enough. “Motherhood is not for everyone,” she has said. “It is for me.”

And though Hayek has not yet announced whether she’s expecting a boy or a girl, think pink: A source says gift cards were made out to “Valentina.”

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