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Newsflash: Scary Spice has bad grammar :(

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She posted this in a myspace bulletin:
Subject: Hey Guys ! I Added Some New Pictures !! YAY !
Body: Hey Everyone !

What a crazy month August has been ! So many amazing things going on. Don't forget to catch me on Dancing With The Stars, I believe it starts September 24th ? I dunno, I'm more concerned with my performance's and I started training this week ! It's been so exhausting. I haven't really been this exhausted since I was on Broadway. But at the end of the day, it will be really good fun ! I think my first outfit for the show is going to be this amazing red color with all these sparkley beads on it. Not sure yet though. Knowing me i'll change it last minute ! Haha.

Also, December mark's the begin of The Spice Girls World Tour ! I hope I see you lot there !! I can't give away much, but it's gonna be WICKED !!!

And a massive thank you to all the fan's asking about Angel Iris, she is doing GREAT ! And a special thanks to those who have sent me cards and gifts for her. I really appreciate it, it really puts a smile on my face. Angel loves all the little teddies and such that have come to her ! She say's thank you as well ! I'm at dance rehearsal studio now taking an hour break, so i'll try and keep everyone informed as much as I can !

Hugs & Kisses !!

Source: A myspace bulletin, her myspace
Edit: Yes, it's really Melanie and not Victoria- I got the picture from her myspace.

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