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Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia interviewed by BBC 1

Milo was just on BBC Radio 1 in the UK on the Jo Whiley show.  Later on, Adrian Pasdar join him (see source for the full interview).  The interview was funny and full of delicious comments such as these:

Jo: Have you had a humongous rouse between the two of you?  Any friction on set?
Adrian: You know, I think it will be impossible to have something which we couldn't come back from...erhm, we've had disagreement about things but certainly nothing that would...prevent us from y'know, ultimately rejoining and revelling in our friendship.
Milo: I think we just had one in Germany though, Adrian.
Adrian: Oh yeah. We did, we did.  Milo err...
Milo: We were with that's putting everything together for us in Munich in this world tour and they presented us with a gift of lederhosen.
Adrian: They gave us a gift of lederhosen and I thought it'll be appropriate..., actually, inappropriate not to don the lederhosen and Milo......
Milo: For them, in the dinner, during the dinner.
Adrian: Milo is our resident fashionista and uh, for him to don a lederhosen was just beyond comprehension.
Milo: Okay, take off the beautiful Ralph Laurent suit that I had on...I was like "You got to be kidding me, Adrian".
Adrian: He got his arms crossed just like this.
Adrian: I said, I said..."Mi, we've got to do this, we got to go to the bathroom, put the lederhosen on, and come out. :o
Milo: "No".
Adrian: And I look at him and I gave him "Mi, you've got to do this for me".
Milo: And I said "Why, why did you say that?  You tell me to do that for you....that means I have to do it".
Adrian: He did!  And he put on this lederhosen and it was was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  This grown man over a pair of lederhosen and he looked quite good.  He looked surprisingly comfortable. 

Source: Milo Daily
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