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Cate Blanchett = next Meryl Streep?

Virgin queen, folk-rock king: faces of film empress

Queen of the silver screen ... Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I.

Christine Sams
August 26, 2007

CATE Blanchett's extraordinary, chameleon-like performances, from leather-clad rocker to luminous queen, have earned her the tag of the new Meryl Streep.

Blanchett, 38, has one Oscar under her belt and might receive two Academy Award nominations next year given the buzz surrounding her roles as Bob Dylan in I'm Not There and as Elizabeth I in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

The Dylan role, which is shared between seven actors, looks set to earn Blanchett at least one nomination in the best supporting actress category.

The early praise from Hollywood has been lavish. Studio boss Harvey Weinstein told The New York Times last week: "I may be jumping the gun, but if Cate Blanchett doesn't get nominated, I'll shoot myself."

In Britain the response to early screenings of The Golden Age has been just as exuberant, prompting speculation that Blanchett will also be nominated in the best actress category for her leading role.

"Her performance could well seal her status as the heir apparent to Meryl Streep's crown as Hollywood's greatest living actress," the Daily Mail said.

Blanchett, who lives in Sydney with husband Andrew Upton and sons Dashiell, 5, and Roman, 3, will launch both films at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada next month. The couple have committed to a three-year contract as artistic co-directors of the Sydney Theatre Company from 2008.

i don't have enough love for Cate
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