Brenna Lee Roth (daughter of David Lee Roth) Publicly Bashes the Disabled

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This week, Bloomington, Indiana (David Lee Roth's place of birth) is celebrating The Dark Carnival horror film festival. One of the scheduled guests, B-grade horror star Brenna Lee Roth, made an appearance at Bloomington's Plan9 Film Emporium to plug her new role in Troma's lastest horror film, Poultrygeist.

Honestly, I was pretty unaware of this whole event. I went to Plan9 to rent a movie, not to greet Brenna Lee Roth. (D-list celebs aren't my thing.) While I was walking around, Brenna was handing out cover-art postcards of herself from the film. She mentioned my alma-mater, Franklin College, so I turned over in her direction to listen to what she was saying. Someone mentioned she should hand me a postcard, and she responded LOUDLY with “Oh no, I don't want to give him one. HE CAN'T EVEN WALK RIGHT.” Thanks bitch, it's called cerebral palsy. You think I don't know already? Thanks for humiliating me.

As if that weren't awkward enough, there was a long pause where everyone in the store was silent. Unfortunately, I was so stunned at the moment, and just left. I couldn't think of anything to say with everyone staring. It's not like I get that kind of rudeness from people often.

So, Brenna Lee Roth, I hate you.

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