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Robbie's New Girl

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When Robbie Williams wanted help in overcoming his addictions, he turned to the hypnotist, Paul McKenna.

Now, with his problems behind him, the 33-year-old singer is, it seems, seeking solace with the famous therapist's ex-girlfiend.

Photographed on an early morning hike, the former Take That star kept pace with his new love, Clare Staples.

While Williams opted for a practical t-shirt and football shorts ensemble, Miss Staples, a 39-year-old self-help author, sported a pair of skimpy velour shorts, rolled-up crop-top vest and a cowboy hat during an energetic walk through Hollywood's national park.

This is the first time that the couple, who are understood to have been dating for the past six months, has stepped out in public together.

"Robbie is in great condition and looking really lean at the moment," said an onlooker. "Clearly Clare is a great influence on him.

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"The pair spent an energetic morning together, pounding through the Hollywood Hills and although Robbie was hooked up to a music player, he hardly listened to it at all.

"Instead, he and Clare chatted throughout their two-hour hike, cracking jokes and giggling like children. They look incredibly relaxed in one another's company."

Despite a rather jaded track history with women, at least with his latest girlfriend Williams knows exactly what to expect.

Miss Staples, who was engaged to television hypnotist McKenna during their five-year relationship, is the proud scribe of Everything I Know About Men I Learnt From My Dog.

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The tome, based on life with her great dane Mr Big, instructs readers on how to keep their men in check and on a firm leash.

It includes gems such as: "Men and dogs both like being set tasks and completing them well.

"They want to be praised, rather than told off. They both place more value on things that are slightly out of reach.

"For Big, it's a feather duster that lives on a high shelf. He follows the cleaning lady around, trying to get it off her. For men, it's the woman who doesn't return the phone call.

"Mr Big knows how handsome he is, as he gets told 100 times a day. Sometimes I catch him lying in the corridor of my flat, staring proudly at himself in the mirror.

"In many ways, though, he's more evolved than some of the men I have dated, and much better behaved. The main difference is that I don't let him on the furniture."

While Williams' ex girlfriend's include model Rachel Hunter, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and former pop star, Nicole Appleton, Miss Staples is no stranger to celebrity boyfriends.

She has previously dated England footballer Sol Campbell and actor, Dougray Scott.

Source: Daily Mail

Seriously I never like his girlfriends. This one does have a great body tbqh, but I am still hoping he'll end up with Kylie Minogue...or better yet, me. :P
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