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Could Buddhist Monks Save Lindsay Lohan? (..not as fun as white water rafting)

We all know Lindsay Lohan's stay at Promises rehab facility in Malibu was a bigger squandering of time and money than going to see 'I Know Who Killed Me'. If river rafting in Utah doesn't clean her up, it might be wise for the starlet to finally boot driving drunk and cocaine use, in a place that has been called 'the toughest and most successful drug detox program in the world.'

Thamkrabok monastery in Lop Buri, Thailand, 80 miles north of Bangkok, is that place. And unlike $40,000 for her stay at Promises, this if free. In 1959 the Thai government created this program in response to the rise in opium addicts, and a reported 70% of users who complete treatment at Thamkrabok never do drugs again. Amenities include steel bunks, mosquito nets, squat toilets, concrete amenities and one meal a day.

The day starts at 5AM, with chores like sweeping, which you repeat in between meditation sessions. Lights out at 8PM. The most difficult part of Thamkrabok of is taking medicine daily that supposedly detoxes the system and induces projectile vomiting. The herbal elixir, said to resemble crude oil and taste worse, is made of seeds, leaves and bark. British rocker Pete Doherty, whose heroin addiction has been well-documented, walked out of Thamkrabok after two days. Completing the program, according to one of the Buddhist monks in charge, gives:

"A great sense of achievement. And this treatment is something you never want to go through again."

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