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Golden David Beckham Statue Adorns Thai Temple

too random for ontd?

There’s a Buddhist temple in Bangkok that has a golden statue of David Beckham built into its altar. The temple in Wat Pariwas has yet to become a tourist circuit. The shrine itself is gold, with three large Buddha figures in front of an intricate mural. The holy David Beckham sculpture is a half a meter high and actually carved into the altar.

Becks is depicted in the style of a garuda holding up the altar itself on his shoulders, the garuda are guardian demons, and a string of them are carved into each side of the altar. The statue itself is definitely Beckham, sporting his floppy haircut from nearly a decade ago and even with the sponsorship logo Sharp picked out on his chest.

The statue was installed at the temple in 1998 as part of the World Cup celebrations by Thai sculptor Thongruang Haemhod. According to this BBC News story, Thongruang wanted to add it because football is the new religion, and the temple’s abbot agreed. The easiest way to get there is take the BTS Skytrain to Chong Nonsi station, then take a taxi cab from there. The temple a 10 minute ride away and right on the Chao Praya river within Chinatown. The address is Wat Pariwas, 2-67 Rama III Road, Bangkok.


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