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Jessica Alba in The Eye

Jessica Alba on the set of her new movie The Eye.

EW: How are you? You're shooting right now?
JESSICA ALBA: Yeah, we're doing some additional pickups and stuff for The Eye.

It's a remake of a Japanese movie, right — and a lil' creepy?
I play someone who has a cornea transplant. And I play the violin, so it's a beautiful character story on top of it being a horror movie. That's what attracted me to it — [it's not just] a slasher movie, you know, where people are getting chopped [up] and running around in white T-shirts...with rain. I wasn't really into that kind of thing.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and was wondering whether I should get LASIK.
Hell, no.

Then I came back and read the synopsis to The Eye and was like, Eek! Maybe I should rethink that.
It scares me. The synopsis is different: Getting LASIK is one thing...but getting someone else's eyes is completely different.




the word is that you've come on board for The Love Guru. How'd that come about? Had you known Mike before?
You know, I'd met him before, obviously. I came home from vacation and the next day [my agents] said, ''There's this movie you gotta read because it's with Mike Myers and they offered it to you.'' So that's how it happened. I've just been a fan of his.

You have a couple of comedies either out [like The Ten, in theaters now] or in the works. Is that just to counterbalance some of the darker, graphic-novel, kick-butt stuff that you've done?
I've always wanted to do comedy — it's just that when people look at me...they didn't think I could do it. Or they didn't really understand. So I hosted the MTV Movie Awards to show people that I can do comedy. I kind of used it as an audition. That's how I got Good Luck Chuck. And then from there, when you do one, then they're like, ''Oh, she can do it. It works.''

It's like, ''Don't doubt me.''
Well, no. You really can't be that cynical in this business. I just wanted to show people what I love to do, and if it didn't work then I have no business doing it. [But] I think Good Luck Chuck is getting a lot of positive feedback.

So what was it about The Love Guru script that drew you to the project?
I mean, Mike Myers. Are you kidding? He's an amazing comedian. And oh my God, it would be an honor to work with him. The script is really funny: It's about things having a soul. And there's a Bollywood aspect to it.

What's your character like?
She owns a hockey team that's cursed in Toronto — they can't win a game — and she basically gets the Love Guru to come in and help her star hockey player. She thinks he's going through some emotional things and that's why he isn't playing well. On her family name is this curse, and she has a hard time dating men and a hard time with people, because everyone in Toronto is a huge hockey fan and they blame her family for ruining the game.

It seems like Mike is one of the only people who could get away with something like this...
Mike and Peter Sellers.

Just to backtrack a bit: The Ten just hit theaters. It has a lot of stars in it, but it seems like an indie film. It did the festival circuit, right?
It's definitely an indie film. I'm only in it for three seconds.... [The movie is] a satire on the Ten Commandments. I'm Paul Rudd's temptation — he's narrating the movie. You know when you see the guy who leaves his perfectly wonderful wife for a young little bubble-headed girl? I play the young bubble-headed girl. And I grew up Catholic, [so]...that's the only [Commandment] I could be part of that my grandmother wasn't going to get mad at me for. The other ones were pretty sacrilegious.



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