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Joel Madden Set to Pop Question to Nicole Richie?

Joel Madden has something special in store for girlfriend Nicole Richie: "a little ring," as Regis Philbin called it on live, national television Thursday morning.

Appearing with his band, Good Charlotte, on ABC's Live! with Regis and Kelly, the musician, 28, was pressed about his personal life and Richie – who is 4 1/2 months pregnant with the couple's child.

"You're going to present her, maybe, with – did I hear the right thing, or should I not even talk about this?" said Philbin.

"Uh, what?" deadpanned Madden.

"A little ring, or something," said Philbin.

"I was hoping it would be a surprise, but now –" answered Madden.

Madden's reaction quickly forced Philbin spin on his heel and ask the frontman's identical twin (and the band's lead guitarist), Benji, whom he was dating.

But the cat was out of the bag.

In anticipation of becoming a father, Madden said he is reading the guidebooks What to Expect When You're Expecting, The Expectant Father and Baby Signs, which prompted the Live! guest host, Regis's wife Joy Philbin, to say it is good he is taking his responsibilities seriously.

Earlier this month, Richie, 24, with Madden sitting at her side, told Diane Sawyer for a TV interview, "I would really want to be someone my child would look up to."

For the record, Benji Madden said he's not only dating "a beautiful Australian actress," as Philbin called Sophie Monk, but, in Madden's words, "Yes, we're engaged ... Rock 'n' roll is good."

Can't embed video but it's at the source

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