Nelly Furtado's NEW SINGLE!!!

Omg bbs here's Nelly Furtado's new video

For her 8th single... "Do It"

Oh and btw she re-re-re-re-released Loose again!

Does anyone even remember her 1st Hit from Loose?

1.- Promiscuous

I personally loved this one,

Here she is with "Calle 13" in
3.- No Hay Igual

Cuz she had to have a Radio Only single, right?
4.- Te Busque (feat. Juanes)

So glad she released this one!
5.-Say It Right

6.-All Good Things Come to An End
There's actually 2 versions for this vid...

the other:

7.- In God's Hands

Firs there was Loose:

Then there was Loose International tour edition:

And now... Limited Summer Edition!!

The extra tracks on this version are:
"Dar" - ["Try" Spanish version]
"Te Busqué" [Spanish version] featuring Juanes
"En Las Manos De Dios" - ["In God's Hands" Spanish version]
"Lo Bueno Siempre Tiene un Final" - ["All Good Things (Come to an End)" Spanish version]


btw I didn't list the singles in perfect order just as I found the vids lol

and I'm glad she released "Do It" my favorite track, but 8 singles!!! wooow!
oh and there's other rereleases of Loose but this are the "Major" ones.
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