...give a xan to these hoes (cunt_rageous) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
...give a xan to these hoes

Noelia has a sex tape! who?

not the tape ^ just a little reminder of who she is.

For all my latino brothas and sistas :

Noelia sex tape:

 We knew it would work! Double-dog daring you to produce footage from Noelia’s much-blogged about sex tape has, well, gotten us footage from Noelia’s much-blogged about sex tape. (It’s the only kind of ass we’ll get all day.) We can now say with confidence that the rumor is true, thanks to mere minutes of sophisticated research done by our crack digital forensics team—i.e., watching the thing on loop until the naked chick’s tattoo was positively identified and matched to that of Noelia. (Our job sucks, don’t it?) Our favorite part is that you can dub your very own dirty talk for Noelia, in falsetto even, since the featured clip doesn’t have any audio.

Now and without further ado, you horny-as-hell cybergeeks who’ll probably never visit this site again, we present some footage from the sex tape of Puerto Rican pop tart Noelia. (Her ex-boyfriend must be beaming with pride.)

[Ed. Note: By downloading the video below, you state that you are at least 18 years or older, comfortable with viewing sexually explicit content, and are okay with putting your job on the line if you watch it at your workplace.]

  video (wmv and mp4) at source:

* i made the sacrifice and watched it for all of y'all. its boring as fuck with no sound. :(
she's got a nasty tattoo on her lower stomach, she diddles her skittle and he sticks in his peen. woopty woo
she's got fake looking tits.

thats all.
Tags: latino celebrities, sex tape
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