Madonna & JT Are Making Beautiful Music Together

Madonna has been pulling double duty lately, directing her first movie and working on her new album with Justin's help. You guys said that you're excited to hear what JT and Madonna have cooked up and we couldn't agree more. In a recent interview with EW, Justin opened up to give us a peek into what he and Madge have planned. Here's more:

"The records that we've done so far are really exciting. There are some dance records, there are some mid-tempo ballads, there's all types of different stuff. But I don't want to gas it too much. People might like it or people might not. I don't want to say, like, [carnival-barker voice] ''It's going to change the world!'' You know what I mean? But we like it.

We never met a Madonna record we didn't like, so this all sounds great to us. Besides, how can the combination of these two superstars possibly go wrong?