who has the best ass in hollywood?

 http://www.listaholic.com, has gladly formed a list of fine asses. or are they? 

his list:

"Most women who make it in show business stand out because of their beautiful faces and their luscious bodies. Some parts of an actress’s anatomy, however, stand out more than others. A pair of lovely breasts, like Scarlett Johansson’s for instance, tend to make more headlines than whatever it is she has achieved. Then there are people like Jennifer Lopez, whose successful singing and acting career both take a backseat to her famous derriere. As a matter of fact, JLo owns what is probably the most talked-about and most widely speculated-on celebrity butt of all time.

But just because she owns the most famous ass in the world doesn’t mean that it’s the best celebrity ass ever. Fortunately for people who like big butts and cannot lie, Hollywood as it is today is populated by actresses whose butts seem to have a life of their own, and here’s this blog’s tribute to them, the Ten Best Celebrity Asses today.

Some in this list are rumored to have had butt implants, but does it really matter?" 


Who hasn’t seen Kim Kardashian’s ass? Yes, they look like butt implants, but Ray J didn’t seem to mind.


This Sweet Valley High twin has always been the hotter one for many, but few people realize that she’s got one fine, and from the looks of it, all-natural butt.


Who would’ve thought that someone as skinny as this Lost hottie would have enough flesh in her to fill her behind like that?


I’ve always considered Charisma one of the sexiest young actresses today, and this pic of her showing off what Angel fans have been missing proves this point.


She definitely showed us the true meaning of the word “bootylicious”.


Her hips don’t lie. Same goes for her butt.


Had this list been made a decade ago, she would have been at the very top. But with the emergence of firmer and definitely more luscious butts in Hollywood, I had no choice but to put her at number four. 


Currently the world’s sexiest woman according to FHM, Jessica Alba is one of those very few skinny (by my standards at least) women blessed with a behind that is far from being bony. In fact, she’s got one of the best asses in the world, and here she is bending over to prove it.


Hands-down owner of the fittest body in Hollywood. Fittingly, she also owns the fittest and firmest ass in show business. Justin Timberlake is a lucky man.


This one’s a no-brainer. She’s already won FHM’s “Best Butt” Award twice, and I’m not about to dispute that. Judging by this pic from a King Magazine spread alone, Vida Guerra has the best celebrity ass in town, bar none. 

now if only someone made a list of the flattest asses in hollywood. now thats a list that would turn me on.