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Brad Doesn't Like James Haven?

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Brad Pitt was said to be worried that James Haven would again spill on Angelina Jolie. He was dubbed a 'wild card' by a Pitt insider and now that fear has come true for Brad.

Brother James is again talking to the media about Brangelina. He says he fears Angelina Jolie's health is failing because of the trauma of working with starving children and the recent loss of their mother, reports claim.

"She exhausts herself and at the moment she has a very low resistance level because she misses our mother so much and just longs for her all the time," he tells Closer magazine.


“Angie visited Ethiopia and it changed her life. When she’s there, there’s often no food for her and she goes without. She’s become used to periods of very little or no food so she has a much smaller appetite and a different attitude to it." Earlier according to a report from Star Magazine, James has been a sore spot in Brad and Angie's relationship of late.

James just says whatever he wants to the media. "To Brad, James is a wild card. He doesn't know what he'll say next," the friend dished to the weekly magazine. A report from Christi Hall noted the claim from Star that there have been harsh words and frosty silences over Angie’s closeness with her big brother, especially when she shares intimate details of her life with Brad with him - and James then blabs about it in public, sources told Star.

“Brad knows how close Angie and James are,” says a friend. “But as hard as he tries to keep his life with Angie out of the public eye, James talks about them," and it’s gotten Brad hot under the collar. And now, sources say Brad feels it’s inappropriate for James to have blabbed to a European magazine, giving details about his relationship with Angelina.


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