slow 3 day weekend = this post

James Van Der Beek aka Dawson w/ his wife

Latest news: Attached to the American version of Footballers Wives, which ABC did not pick up for it's fall schedule. Rumors are floating around that the NFL had a hand in this. Tough shit.

Katie Holmes aka Joey

Latest news: Abducted by her captor husband Tom Cruise. Starring in Mad Money with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah. They steal money. /end/ Some chick calling herself Katee Holmes wants to get deflowered in a porno in her honor. Crazy skank.

Joshua Jackson aka Pacey doing some awkward poses prom style with Diane Kruger

Latest News: Starring in Shutter, which is about a couple on honeymoon who begin to see ghostly images in their appearing in Battle in Seattle; the directorial debut by actor Stuart Townsend...biopic about activists protesting a World Trade Organization meeting. Boring.

Michelle Williams aka Ho Face Jen w/ her rapidly aging husband Heath Ledger

Latest News: Winding down from milking the success of Brokeback Mountain. I'm Not There. The Tourist. Incendiary. Where the Wild Things Are. Synecdoche, New York. Bronte.

Kerr Smith aka Jack.

Latest news: His career is dead. Sad. VH1...hello?