110x harder. It's just a fact.

Bbs! Heartbreak on ONTD, y'all!

After the Loose Cannons post the other night, I was redirected over to Rich Cronin's MySpace. Being the good little ONTDer that I am, I figured I'd shoot him an message and ask about the "110x harder" email. My message said:

"I'm genuinely curious: there was an email circulating a while back that you supposedly sent this girl's friend after you went out on one date with her. There was talk of cocks in asses and cumming 110x harder under that scenario.

So was that really you? "

This might be the saddest day in ONTD history. You know, unless he's lying. 

On the upside, he is apparently "cool with the over al[l] tone of the email, so maybe he does hate Chinese food and is willing to feel up on us hardcore 9th grade style. We can only dream, bbs.

Edit: Some people are questioning the realness of the screen caps. Sadly, I don't have a better screen cap of the original email and ONTD post, though someone might. As far as my message with him, here's a bigger version (I had attempted to cut it down so it wouldn't stretch out Friends Pages. Here's a super giant version with Firefox tabs and everything. Fancy fancy.

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Do you remember when we met. . . last summer?

Source: MySpace, Rich Cronin, and me- the super sleuth of journalistic greatness (it's just a fact).

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