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Wait... a second... second album?

Fefe working on new album
By KAREN BLISS -- For JAM! Music

Fefe Dobson is working on her second, second album. The Toronto-based pop-rock singer isn't letting little setbacks like having an album shelved and losing a record deal hold her back.

She is currently writing a new album, which she expects to have a fall release.

"At the moment, we are working towards who is most interested in the record," Dobson says of the record labels. "I'm very excited."

Dobson is working in Los Angeles with various songwriters, but has primarily been co-writing with keyboardist/singer Jon Levine, a member of soul band Philosopher Kings whose brother, Jay, worked with her on her 2003 self-titled debut.

Dobson was signed to Island Def Jam and had two hit singles, "Bye Bye Boyfriend," and "Take Me Away", and sold a respectable 300,000 copies of the album in America, and went platinum (100,000) in Canada.

For the follow-up, "Sunday Love," she worked with Tim Armstrong, Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Nina Gordon, among others, and in the early 2006 actually started doing promotion for the album, but was eventually dropped by Island Def Jam.

"When you work for a year-and-a-half, two years, on a record, and it doesn't really make it out, it's like your baby and you put all this time and effort into it and it hurts," Dobson says. "It definitely hurt for a while, but instead of me sitting here and hurting for another year and a half, you have to get the ball going again and do whatever you have to do."

Dobson believes the songs she has been creating with Levine are cool and different.

"We both have this kind of vibe going on," she says. "When we wrote one song and then we started going, we were like, 'Hey we're making something new here.'"

Levine, who currently has a solo single at radio called "Hot Girls" from his forthcoming album, "Ground Tied," has a dry sense of humour, but Dobson says her disposition is rubbing off on him more.

"I'll go in the studio and he has his dark humour and it's kind of funny, and I'm always like [chirpy voice], 'Hi!" and he's crazy. So I think we work well because he's the pessimist and I'm the optimist and now he's becoming the optimist."

Dobson is finishing up some writing in Los Angeles and will return to Toronto to go into production for the new album.

As for "Sunday Love," she says, "I think it will see the light of day some day. I don't know, when I feel like it represents me, maybe I'll release it, but there's been such a gap between the first record, 'Sunday Love,' and then this record, that releasing something from 'Sunday Love' wouldn't be relevant to where I am today. My real fans have it. I think it's worming around on the internet, and those people matter a lot to me, my fans, so if my fans have it, I'm good."

guilty pleasure....

Anyway I wondering what the hell was up with Sunday Love since it was supposed to be released like 2 years ago on my birthday or some shit like that. And she played some high school football game around here a while back. Didn't know about it til after she performed... but I probably would have gone. I... actually... like... her.

source: right here
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