Tania Derveaux is ready to give out 40,000 blowjobs to men that vote for her in the next Belgian election. Tania is currently the leading (of course) NEE party senate candidate. Tania says she will take a 500-day tour around the world and blow dudes every single day. That's about 80 dicks a day!

In order to receive a oral tongue bath from Tania you have to be 18 or older, wear a condom and Tania can deny you for any reason. She said, "We adhere to high standards of service but due to time limitations each performance can last no longer than 5 minutes."

Rules, rules, rules! Her jaw will most likely fall off by dick 200. Tania doesn't realize how much nasty wang there is out there. Trust me, I've come across some. Cheese sandwich.

The next Belgian election is June 5th and at least 40,000 votes are needed to start a political group.

That's my kind of campaign! Hey! That means Paris Hilton could run for senate in Belgium! She's probably several thousand ahead of Tania! There's a future for that twat after all!

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