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I Believe in Harvey Dent

I know it has been posted before but I just wanted to share some more information on the site I believe in Harvey Dent.

I Believe in Harvey Dent.

Apparently, in many comic book shops there has been joker cards with the url on them. The url leads to a site revealing the same picture obviously altered by the joker. By entering your e-mail and the code you will help reveal what lies underneath the picture.

I Believe in Harvey Dent too.


Creepy is the right word.
In what seems to be a guerilla campaign by Warner Bros., a comic book shop owner reports to SuperHero Hype! that they've found Joker cards mysteriously planted all over the store, pictured above. The cards say "I Believe in Harvey Dent Too!"
It seems that this has now been verified by the emergence of another website,, which shows a version of the Harvey Dent campaign poster defaced by Joker graffiti.
The mini site also asks for an e-mail, which when entered shows a bloody message saying "Check Your Email. You Have 5 Minutes to Play." We tried it out and received an e-mail from saying "I always say, you never know what a man is truly made of until you peel the skin off his face one piece at a time."
Looks like the Joker is very much at large and not happy with a certain DA.


Edit 2: Reply to the e-mail.


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