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What We're Watching: Sept 22nd


Happy Thursday! What's everyone watching?
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Insomnia means being able to approve this post when I can participate in it.
Finished watching the first season of The Porter. The second season of The Dark Side of the Nineties.

I’m hoping to start the new Heartbreak High sometime today? Even though I haven’t finished the old heartbreak high.
Everything! No haha
Just the SVU 3 parter tonight.
I did finish Sanditon, a bit predictable but still nice.
I’m gonna try to watch the 3-ep crossover too because they’ve taken away Hulu next day streaming for the L&O franchise. Now it will go to Peacock which I’m not getting.

(Oh wait I think scriptedending said Peacock is free for one year on spectrum)
Normally i really so hate cross over events but it's the season opener. So i may get back into OC.
so excited but I was sleeping until now. I'll have to watch tomorrow.

The Amazing Race — I had to skip the intros bc it's either couples or sports men. Just run around the world. The people rolling the barrels and sawing logs made me laugh too hard.

Do you know of Amazing Race streams anywhere after it airs

Maybe CBS All Access?

Paramount+ has it the day after.

Finished Nine Perfect Strangers: went out with a whimper. Wasn't there going to be a second season?

Pieces of Her: is the actress playing Andy nepotism? Because she ain't good. It's also clearly karin slaughter but I'll allow it for the Great Collette.

Suddenly craving Rita, so picking up the third season of that.

And I'm ready for more Merli and Mismatched (both second season).
Maybe not familial nepotism but Aussie Hollywood nepotism?


1 week ago


1 week ago

Nine Perfect Strangers started out so promising and then it just fizzled out.


1 week ago


September 22 2022, 22:13:07 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 22:13:47 UTC

I need to get caught up. I have Survivor & The Amazing Race from last night to watch. Going to watch Survivor after dinner tonight I think.

I watched the first episode of Andor last night, but wasn't super into it. I need to watch the other two still.

I'm up to date on House of the Dragon. I have a lot of feelings about it that I've posted in the discussion posts. I am also up to date on The Rings of Power & GBBO.
I’m intrigued by the short scene with Emma we got for a preview
I did read F&B towards the end of 2018 & know the book story so I feel at least more prepared for this show & since we know the ending this time hopefully they cannot butcher it but just watching Viserys make poor decisions is difficult regardless.
Wait Survivor is back?!


1 week ago

i watched the first season of The Floor is Lava on Netflix and it was not good, did not find it funny, do not recommend..

aside from that i've just been watching youtube & Supernatural ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love "Floor is Lava!"

I liked it because I wanted to laugh at people? lol
My biggest issue with The Floor is Lava is the unnecessary commentary. They also show the same thing from different angles so many times and it gets tiresome. If it was just some cool music with people playing the game it could more fun imho.
Watching The Crown on Netflix. God, Matthew Goode’s character sucks

I keep rewatching the “Jacob translates for Gritty” scene and god damnit, I think Quinta got me.
I'm watching Law & Order SVU. I'm on Season 9. It takes so much longer to binge shows now that I don't work from home anymore. (I do get goof off days at work, like today, but I still can't get away with watching anything lol)
been watching the dahmer miniseries on netflix and woof this is a fucking doozy. like i knew it would be but ugh. and yes it does get graphic

i'll give it to evan peters though, he's an amazing actor. though he weirdly sounds like a drunken johnny depp here which is fucking throwing me off
Is it respectful toward the victims?
Sure isn’t.


September 22 2022, 22:50:09 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 22:53:48 UTC

god no

also to add, it is lowkey torture porn at some points. ryan murphy sure took a messy route with this one
Unpopular opinion but I think it is respectful towards the victims.
I’m only on the first episode of Dahmer, but watching his dad find out what his son did…I don’t think my brain could ever process that information if I were him. It just so much.
Gonna cry through another 4 hours of critical role.
Are they running entire campaigns in these 4 hour stints? my only DnD knowledge comes from TAZ where it's clearly not super serious.
No, the 4 hour episodes are a part of one long, continuous campaign. Sometimes they'll do one-shots tho.
No this will be episode 34 of this story / campaign and they are averaging 4+ hours 3x a month. Last campaign was 141 episodes
They might be happy tears! We don't know!
Keeping up with my weekly watches Lower Decks which was delightful as always last week and The Rings of Power which just continues to get better with each episode, imo!!

Though, ok, I'm bad at geography. But like Numenor is off the West Coast of Middle Earth, right? What will eventually become Mordor (but is currently the Southlands) is to the east of the Misty Mountains, right? So like, seems like traveling to the Southlands would be a pretty massive journey that includes crossing a mountain range. I don't think the show is addressing that (and just like generally how far apart things are!) enough.

End of geography rant.


I added Great British Bake Off to my list of weekly watches. First ep was solid! Early favorites are Syabira because she seems like a sweetie and a good baker and Rebs because her dogs are adorable. Can't wait to watch the new episode tomorrow.


Next week, new series of Taskmaster starts. Everyone get hyped!
Yes, the Southlands area becomes Mordor.
I have a tv night again!

Watched season 2 premiere of Abbott elementary today, very cute.

Going to watch the absolutely trash vampire academy episode that dropped today after work, the show is bad but I love taking an edible and chilling out to it.
i can't believe they finally made Vampire Academy into a TV show, I read those books like 14 years ago
Julie Plec did her thing and basically took the names and general setting and is making her own stories with it.

They’re clearly trying to go for extravagance and luxury, but it’s all very budget LOL


September 22 2022, 22:16:38 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 22:55:53 UTC

Lemme see if I can fight with this AppleTV+ free trial so I can start For All Mankind #ForMyMan

Why does Merida look like a 90s grunge kid?
she's in her comfy clothes in Wreck it Ralph 2
I was able to get one through Best Buy even though I had already gotten a free trial.


1 week ago

i've been watching The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time on Shudder. it's enjoyable. it's bulking up my to-watch list, that's for sure.
Any fun surprises? I feel like there are always like the same 10 that make every one of those lists.
mte, i don't even bother because i've seen all of them & everything on a list is generally repeated ad infinitum


1 week ago


1 week ago

it's some of the usual suspects so far but they included a tv movie (Salem's Lot), and they've shown a clip of The Haunting of Bly Manor in the opening credits so maybe tv series are included too which i like the idea of. i'm on #75 right now, and it's the bear from Annihilation! :)
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