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28 Days Haunted | Official Trailer | Netflix

Four adventurous teams of paranormal investigators will be hand-picked and given the chance to participate in the most extreme Paranormal experiment of all time. If any of these teams can last 28 days in a terrifying, haunted location, they’ll gain acclaim and recognition for being a part of the most important advancement in paranormal research in the last several decades.

Coming to Netflix October 21.

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I don’t want enhanced fake ghost shit,I want real recordings of whatever the heck happens and if nothing happens, then so be it.

Real ghosts or nothing, that’s my stance.
Which is why I only love the original Ghost Hunters. If they found nothing, at least the place was interesting. And I love Steve and Tango. 💗 😆
Yes!! 😂
Reminds me of the show Stranded from like 10 years ago
Anyone remember MTVs Fear? That show killed me as a teen

I literally just commented about fear. It was so good and some time ago I watched it on YouTube. Oh God the the pixels just send me back. 

flashbacks lol my brother used to watch it all the time and I was too scared to. I distinctly remembering some dudebro just decided to use his adrenaline so he was kicking down doors and screaming at the ghosts through a haunted hospital or prison? lol
I was just about to make the Fear comparison!
I was absolutely obsessed with that show.
Does this sub-genre appeal to people who don't like horror movies, yet want to watch something spooky or "scary"? I wonder if people into paranormal entertainment generally believe it's real? Surely they must to some degree. As a skeptic,I find paranormal shows to be laughable and obviously fake, basically the opposite of scary.
Does this sub-genre appeal to people who don't like horror movies, yet want to watch something spooky or "scary"?

This is me and yes. I fucking hate horror movies but watched Ghost Hunters religiously. No one believes it's real (well most of it anyway).
Unfortunately, I know people who think some of the stuff is real
Is there money involved?

The best paranormal reality show challenge thing was Fear on MTV. Please tell me one of y’all remember it.

I swear, there are dozens of us who remember that show! No one else irl that I talk to remembers that show. That was my shit, though! I wish they had the episodes somewhere. I still remember this one time, some of the contestants had to go into a room by themselves/alone and get into a cage, and then use the rope to make the cage (with them inside of it) go up x amount of feet, and then just like hang out there for x amount of minutes knowing there was no escape. Ahhhh! I loved it.
I know that episode!! It was the first ghost hunting show to me, and I fucking loved it.


1 week ago

That show always scared me so bad. I remember watching it with my sisters, all of us pretending not to be terrified.

i do remember! i laughed so hard at the episode andy dick was on.
This would be easy because ghosts aren't real.
neither is jesus christ but we let bitches have christmas and easter. you're not fun coming into a spooky post with this attitude.
Yeah, I’m more scared of reality tv producers bc I know they’re gonna drive these people mad to get "good" tv
does anyone remember that show that used to air on abcfamily about families being put in haunted locations and they'd have their heads covered and would be dropped off at different parts and left alone with cameras and the goal was to just wander around?? the only ep i remember is the dracula's castle one.
Yes! Scariest Places on Earth!👌🏾 Loveddd that show and forever salty they've never put it on physical media/streaming


1 week ago

I loved that show. I was so jealous of the family that got to go to the evil monastery in Italy.


1 week ago

ohhh we had a tv special in Germany like that but it was multiple people and whoever lasted 48 hrs got money
I got excited thinking this was a another 28 Days Later sequel.
Hrmm, I don't trust them since the Haunted series, but I'll check it 👀
Did you not like that series? I enjoyed it and I wish they would make more seasons.
I did like it! (Omg the first or second story of the kids recalling their killer dad still pops up in my head) I just thought they would be more "real footage" and less reenactments, but the stories were spooky regardless 😱

Y’all reminding me of shows I used to love! Gonna go home and look for MTV’s Fear and Scariest Places on Earth and binge the hell out of it. Is there somewhere besides YouTube to watch? Any recommendations to find this stuff through my Roku?

well shit, that sounds terrifying... I'll be watching

I always hope Netflix comes out with the 90s scary movies around Halloween time, and it just never happens (well not in Canada anyways, maybe the rest of the world is luckier)
I wish they would make this available earlier. Spooky season starts now!

Does anyone remember the show Scariest Places on Earth? They would get people to spend the night in random haunted places. My favourite was when they went to some haunted hospital in Italy. I used to watch it on Friday nights when I was a teenager.

Also does anyone like Haunted? I love it, it's similar to the re-enactments on Unsolved Mysteries, which is my favourite storytelling format.
I just said this a few comments up but I loved that episode in Italy! I googled it once and all I could find is that they grow rice now.

I’m pretty sure this is it. No scary stuff in the wiki:

do you believe this stuff ONTD? (ghosts, spirits, the supernatural)

idk if i do. id like to think the ones we love who pass away are still around us somehow but that could just be something that brings me and others comfort and it’s just wishful thinking.

Nope. I work at a place that is supposed to be one of the most haunted locations in my city and I’ve seen zilch.

Little "girl" chased my sister into my mom's room. My mom's ex-husband, saw my mom talking to the little "girl" and telling her to come into the bed and he replies, "She's here." My mom turns to see my sister asleep in the bed and the figure is gone.

Then there was the time this ghost would lock my granny and mother in a closet for shits and giggles. Said ghost once waited until my great-uncle went to visit and then fucked with him while he was in this room. I'm talking about lifting bed covers, grabbing his foot, and pulling. He even left the light on and saw the shit happening. At this point, he then stated "Fuck this shit." and left.

Or the time where my mom and aunts, all kids at this time, told my granny that they saw cousin "Louie" holding his head in the backyard. Only to then get a call a couple of hours later, telling her that said cousin Louie, had been brutally murdered and decapitated.

Yes, I believe.

100% it's all fake. I don't even believe in souls, I don't think there's anything "outside" the physical realm. It's either electromagnetic stuff or psychological stuff that causes people to perceive ghosts.

I still get scared of everything because my lizard brain is skittish.
The real challenge would be trying to be around people constantly overacting and having the most ridiculous reactions to absolutely nothing for 28 straight days. Who cares about the ghosts, that sounds horrifying.
Fucking cackling at the last guy throwing off his shirt like he's going to throw down with a ghost ha ha ha ha

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