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Brad Pitt says George Clooney and Paul Newman most 'handsome'

* The 58-year-old Bullet Train star joked that he had to pick his co-star and close friend Clooney, 61, as the hottest man in the world right now, while the late Hollywood icon Newman, who was 83 when he died in 2008, is his choice for the past because of how he “aged so gracefully.”

* Asked by Fashion Who the “handiest men in the world past and present” are, Pitt replied: “You know that in the acting world, because it’s my day job…Paul Newman is the right person right away. Because he’s aged so gracefully. And according to all reports’ [he was] a very special, generous, warm and sincere person.’

* Speaking of Clooney, he joked, “If I was going to give someone a present, I’d have to call it George Clooney f*****, because why not?”

Who would you choose as the most handsome actor in Hollywood, ONTD?
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Who would you choose as the most handsome actor in Hollywood, ONTD?

The PERFECT example of a person having a smile that can light up a room
And that can light up my pussy on fire.
Look at that smile. <3
I don’t recognise him, but that’s a nice smile.


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

I am glad pictures are a thing because something about his face just makes you want to keep staring at it and it would be creepy in person.

Man I wish Candyman had been better


1 week ago

so fucking glorious
Never really found Clooney attractive.
Same like he’s a step above average. I never got the hype. He is charming though so I’m sure that helps.
Yeah, objectively he is, I suppose, but he never did anything for me
He was gorgeous in ER when he had the buzz cut, went down to a little above average from Three Kings on and became the average boring white guy he is today after the first Ocean.

He was my first crush after Darien so I've thought about this 😂
he was so sexy in the first oceans movie imo
he was incredibly sexy on ER and he had so much chemistry with Julianna Margulies imo. they were so hot together.

i haven't found him attractive in anything he has done since then though


1 week ago

I find him physically attractive, at least in his heyday. It's everything else about him I'm not into lol, he seems boring
He’s smarmy
lol the only time I found him attractive was when he was on the Golden Girls.


1 week ago

Neither did I! I was like 11 when ER premiered and people were going nuts and I was not impressed. Sam goes for a lot of men considered handsome like Ryan Gosling.

The last time I thought he was remotely attractive was Ocean's 11.
Newman was THEE hottie of hotties
I mean, Takeshi kaneshiro always and forever.

…if I gotta keep it to Hollywood tho then keanu reeves lol

house of flying daggers….hooooo
ugh, lusted after him ever since i saw him in fallen angels


September 22 2022, 21:28:25 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 21:29:28 UTC

He was sooo handsome. I saw him in an old film called lavender where he plays an angel and holy shit, an angel he was.

My pick is the dude from my profile pic. If I gotta keep it Hollywood, Manny Jacinto lol
Long hair Takeshi is everythinnngggggg
Ugh, he was so fine in Chungking Express
Not with that lack of melanin, I think not!
"Who would you choose as the most handsome actor in Hollywood, ONTD?"

Not Brad Pitt
Marlon Brando was sooo sexy when he was young, whew. probably my favorite old Hollywood hottie.
Yes! He makes me feel things. Just raw sex appeal
Agreed. Like I know he was a giant POS apparently but damnnn he looked good
Honestly. He was so sexy in streetcar
yeah, I know he was a bad person but whew, he pulled off a good smoulder back in his day!

I came into say this. Marlon in Streetcar. Whew.
It makes me angry how goddamn hot he was in Streetcar. With the tanktop and covered in oil, Jesus Christ dude...
i remember we had to watch Streetcar for our english class in high school, all the girls and gays were SWOONING when he came on for the first time


September 22 2022, 20:09:45 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 20:10:19 UTC

Robert Redford and Paul Newman were not only gorgeous young men, but they aged really well too and stayed very handsome.

Whenever I see Yahya Abdul-Mateen I say "handsome" aloud, like it's a reflex I cannot stop. And you guys know I am largely unimpressed by the attractiveness of men.
Me with Trevante Rhodes
Jlo Affleck clapping after Meryl yes gif


1 week ago

He's so fine it took me out of Moonlight when he said that he'd never been touched by anyone, like someone who looks like Trevante Rhodes isn't going to have a whole bunch of people who want to touch him in Atlanta for fuck's sake.

Robert Redford <3333333

All the President's Men is basically porn for me, he looked so good in that movie
“If I was going to give someone a present, I’d have to call it George Clooney f*****, because why not?”

What does that mean?
Yes, did he say "fuck" or the gay slur ?
I mean, even he shouldn’t be that stupid? But if it’s “fucked” that’s a weird turn of phrase I’m unfamiliar with.


1 week ago


1 week ago

We need one more letter because ????


1 week ago

Your guess is as good as mine! Brad Pitt is often unintelligible to me lol. It’s like everything that comes out of his mouth comes with a small side of word salad.
F u c k e r

It’s not phrased well.

“If I was going to give someone a present, I’d have to call it *that* George Clooney fucker, because why not?”


1 week ago


1 week ago

The whole sentence makes no sense with any censored f word. idgi
Don’t you dare talk about Paul Newman, you piece of shit
That's hard, hollywood through the years, that person doesn't hold up.
Current.. bad bunny he's beautiful.
Then one that's timeless... Angelina Jolie 😘.
tom cruise circa the 1st mission impossible film aka 1996.
I watched that franchise a month ago and I think he’s good looking (he’s finally laid off the cosmetic procedures a bit) but mission impossible 1 & 2 Tom was 🔥
I watched some 90s movie where he was a lawyer and thought damn, he was so pretty.
His hair in MI2 really does it for me


September 22 2022, 20:19:51 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  September 22 2022, 20:23:22 UTC

Who would you choose as the most handsome actor in Hollywood, ONTD?

Keanu Reeves in Point Break and Speed.
Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet was quite pretty too even if blondes are not my type but he was really pretty.

Female actress:

Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith, Taking Lives and Alexander
Natalie Portman is very pretty too
Halle Berry always gorgeous
God Keanu in those two movies is just flawless.
Paul Newman was just unbelievably good looking.
Young Al Pacino always and forever. Nothing will ever top THAT
Dog Day Afternoon Pacino oooff 😮‍💨
When I found out, I was so shocked that THAT is how he looked when he was young?!?!! That crazy old devil man yelling (The Devil’s Advocate haha) looked like THAT?!?!! 😳🤯😲
It's so sad how he aged, but I'll always have a soft spot for him 😭
He was literally gorgeous. Everything about his face I loved tbh
When I finally watched the Godfather, I was like fanning myself off and I'm not even into men.
I just looked him up and ?? sure, jan lmao.


1 week ago

this made me google him and why am so surprised he is 82? lol

also wow, tragic that the current crop of young actors will never measure up to the current, few icons we have left lol
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