Trump & Co Have an Incredibly Bad Day

Context: Earlier this summer Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate was searched. In August, his lawyers filed in federal court saying some of the documents recovered by the government during the search involved materials that could be considered privileged under client/attorney status. Federal Judge Cannon appointed a special master in the case to review the documents. You can read more about why Judge Cannon's ruling was out of pocket, here
Judge Cannon also ruled the government could not review the documents recovered from the Trump search until the special master concluded their review. The Department of Justice appealed Judge Cannon's decision.
The Special Master that ended up being appointed by Judge Cannon was someone proposed by Trump's team who is a former FISA judge appointed by Ronald Reagan. The Special Master, the government, and team Trump all met on Tuesday and the special master made it pretty clear he's not here for Trump's bullshit:

Circuit court rules on the Department of Justice's appeal to Judge Cannon's decision:

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